Through Knok app, you can share videos about unpleasant and displeasing events and create a consensus with others by giving Angry Rate.

StreetNow is an app that shares your own videos in less than 9 seconds with location/time information.
Take and upload a video from anywhere through StreetNow.

WalkFlow is a chat app on the map.
Friends can chat while checking each other's location on the map in real time. Experience a whole new chatting experience.

IDEN is a unique Social Business Card app for every smartphone users. You can make multiple types of IDEN Business Cards and share with multiple groups of connected people.

mTRO NYC is a must-have New York City subway app.
This app makes your life in New York easier by providing realtime timetable and advanced trip planner.

BusApp offers a whole new user experience of traveling with bus in Korea. By providing a realtime timetable and a route finder, this app helps you to ride the bus with ease. Download it now!

ColorVu is a superb live photo filter app for the iPhone. With 10 free filters and 25 paid filters, you’ll experience a whole new level of mobile photography. ColorVu is optimized for use with Instagram.

PhotoVu is a live photo filter app that enables to get high-resolution photos. Using dramatic filter effects through the 1st filters and the 2nd filters, you can be a professional photographer.

An extraordinary live photo filter app for the iPhone/iPad, designed especially for black & white photographs. With MonoVu, you get high-quality grayscale photos just like professional photographers do.

A unique and extraordinary live photo filter app you'll ever experience for the iPhone/iPad. With MiraCam, you can capture every moment of your life in a retro, futuristic, or artistic mood.

Tokaba is a LBS communication app for the iPhone. With Tokaba, you can browse notes, leave comments, or post your notes on the spot. Share your thoughts with people near you in a fun way!

Need to know which date is the 100th day of your first date?
This app calculates a date from any given date. The results can be exported and added to your iPhone's calendar.